LIFT LEAN 5:2 21 Day Programme

Included in the 21 day programme

• New Kick Start Weight loss food plan if you are looking to lose fat.
• A new wider shopping list with a larger food choice.
• Daily recipes plus sweet treats and savoury snacks you can include in your plan.
• Vegetarian and Pescatarian options and meat free days.
• An online support group.
• A daily workout posted into your group for optimum results.

What Is The New Kick Start 5:2 Diet Plan?

Do you find it easier to have great eating habits during the week but then it all falls down at the weekend?

Learn “macro borrowing” where you lower your macros in the week using various methods such as carb cycling, intermittent fasting and Keto and then relax your nutrition at the weekend.

With the right tools, coaching, methods, behaviour change and adherence tips get out of the cycle of severe restriction in the week and binging at the weekend.

This is Kick Start real-world nutrition where certain foods are not demonised. But understand which foods take you closer to your health goals and which take your further away.

The Kick Start 5:2 Diet Is Real World Nutrition, Wellness & Weight loss.

Lift Lean 5:2 21 Day Programme £37