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Over 50’s Pilates

Pilates is amazing for any age and ability. Pilates improves posture and confidence. As you stretch you lengthen your spine which naturally forces you to straighten up your posture. Pilates focuses on lengthening and expanding the muscles which allows them to become longer and leaner. Since Pilates is a weight-bearing exercise, it increases power throughout the entire body, as well as the spine. Every exercise in the repertoire targets the core. Additionally, by holding your torso in place whilst moving your limbs in different directions, it develops greater flexibility and balance alongside that core strength.

Pilates is often used to address back pain as it corrects postural and muscular imbalances. Your spine deteriorates with age and is a major reason for the back pain you suffer from. By strengthening your core from deep inside rather than from the outside inwards (like Plank positions do). Pilates reduces and prevents back pain.

Pilates focuses on breathing as part of the movement sequence so that you inhale and exhale at times that support your body movements. It becomes a very fluid moving meditation and is used for stress reduction. In addition to this, mindful breathing techniques during stretching and lengthening movements enable our chest to open fully and our lungs to really breathe the way they are supposed to.

Pilates connects your body and mind through its focused and precise movements. This combined with breathing, and slow controlled movements energise the body.


The Instructor

Paula Thompson

I’m a Health, Wellness & Fitness Coach with 18 years experience in the industry specialising in exercise, nutritional advice, health & wellness & weight loss.

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Thursday Instructor: Paula Thompson 10.25 am - 11.10 am