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I want you to feel fabulous & be a healthier you!!
I offer an holistic approach so you achieve your personal fitness and well-being goals.
Through exercise and nutritional advice, I tailor solutions to work for you.

My name is Paula Thompson. I’m a Fitness Trainer as well as a Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing Coach with 19 years experience in the industry specialising in fitness, weight loss, health and wellness.

I teach weekly exercise classes – Pilates, Fitness Pilates, Pilates for Men, Legs Bums & Tums, Total Body Workout, Body Conditioning, HIIT, Body Blitz, Mums and Tots Fitness Pilates & Buggy Beat. I have two Fitness Instructors, Lisa Boxall who teaches Dance Fitness and Robert Griffiths Yoga.

My classes are motivating and challenging. I truly want to help people achieve their goals and make a difference. The classes are affordable and most of all fun. I am a genuine and caring person and I believe you are never too old to start a class no matter what your age or ability is. I cater for all ages and provide modifications if necessary. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and would not be where I am today without the dedication and support from my clients. I firmly believe that we can all make changes in our lifestyle to ensure we live happier, longer, healthier lives. We all attend classes for various reasons and we all have certain goals we want to achieve. I want to help people achieve those goals ie get fitter, tone up, lose weight, be happier, enjoy life, meet new people, lead a healthier lifestyle.  We also go out socially and meet up for lunch every half term for a catch up and a natter which is enjoyable.

I also run Kick Start Stockport a weight loss and health and wellness programme. I teach you how to eat healthily and lose weight in the week, work on your daily habits and non-negotiables, mindset and motivation which gives you wiggle room at the weekend to enjoy additional food and drink without sabotaging your efforts, your progress, health or goals. Your body will burn fat efficiently, becoming leaner and stronger. This can be combined with or without exercise. I offer various programmes for Kick Start – live programme (in person), 1:1 Coaching & Online. The goal is to help people effectively lose weight through food education, nutritional advice combined with mindset coaching and support plus exercise which is optional. I want all my clients to feel fabulous and stay motivated on their journey to adopt a healthier lifestyle!


Lisa’s passion is dancing and her classes are always busy. She is warm, caring and you can tell she loves what she does. I am so happy she is part of the team.