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Are you one of those people who has been good all week then weekend comes and you say you deserve a treat and I totally agree, why not! But then before the weekend is over you realise how much you have actually eaten and drank. How do you feel after it? Sluggish, tired, bloated. I totally get it I was exactly the same so I completely understand. I try and stick to the 80/20 rule and be good 80% of the time and it works for me.

Did you know there are only 5 weeks to the summer holidays. It will soon be here before you know it. Have you got a holiday or a special occasion coming up?
Are you sick of putting a 1 lb on or losing a 1 lb?
Have you tried numerous diets without getting lasting results?
Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you suffer from stress or anxiety?
Do you have stubborn areas of your body that seem resistant to change?
Do you suffer from bloating?
If you have answered yes to any of the above I can help you.
I am running my next 14 day online GET BACK ON TRACK FOR SUMMER 14 DAY DETOX starting Monday 11th July and closing date is Friday 8th July. It is normally £27 but it is on special offer for £21 and as a BONUS if you are local you can attend any of my fitness classes FREE.

Book before Friday 25th June and receive a Detox Recipe and Meal Planner Booklet.

Week commencing 4th July I will add you to my secret Facebook Group so you are prepared and totally understand what to expect.
Click on the link below for more details or email