Happy Clients

From March 2012, Paula has taught 2 classes a week, alternating over 6-week periods, covering Total Body Toning, Zumba and Circuit Training. We have both male and female attendees and the feedback from staff has been excellent. Overall, our staff have said they really enjoy the classes and feel much fitter in themselves. All classes start straight after work so even those with a busy lifestyle can fit them in.


I have been attending Paula’s classes for about 18th months but been doing both the body toning and zumba classes for about 8 months. The body toning can be challenging but I can definitely see the difference in most of my body, particularly my arms (no more bingo wings!), my legs and I can even feel the muscles in my tummy (there’s a six pack in there somewhere waiting to come out). Paula makes the classes fun with upbeat music and suggests different variations of each exercise depending on your ability so you never feel you can’t do it. The zumba is fun and we do have a laugh but also gives a good workout and builds up stamina. I would recommend Paula’s classes to anyone who was thinking of doing classes but was worried they might not be able to keep up – there’s a wide range of ages at each class and Paula makes everyone feel welcome.

Christine Stokoe

Body Toning and Zumba


I have been attending Paula?s Zumba classes for nearly 12 months. It doesn?t really feel like you?re doing a workout and burning so many calories, because you?re concentrating on the varied moves and dances that Paula regularly introduces. The time in class flies by and the routines are easy to follow and pick up. Think of having great fun with some lovely people and you?re there, I can?t recommend it enough.



I have been attending Paula’s classes since February 2005. Initially I started doing the Monday evening total body workout class which I love. When Paula started doing Zumba I decided to give that a go. I now go to both classes each week as I really enjoy the Zumba too. The total body workout class is a combination of a warm up to start, then we do exercises for every part of the body, followed by a cool down and stretch session at the end. Paula always gives different levels for each exercise so everybody can work to their own individual ability. Zumba is really good fun we always have a good laugh. I have got 3 of my friends to come along and they really enjoy it too. Paula is a very friendly and approachable person and she always makes all her classes challenging but also fun. I can honestly say I really look forward to going to both my classes each week and I definitely feel fitter than I did

Carole Wilson

Zumba & Total Body W/O

I have been attending Paula’s class for just over 6 months. I started off doing her Zumba class, which i think is really enjoyable, and not like i am exercising at all as the routines are so much fun (even if i do end up facing the opposite way to everyone else!!!) More recently i have also been going to Paula’s body toning class, which is hard work but excellent, i really feel like i have worked hard and i have noticed that my wobbly area’s are now not as wobbly as they were!! The body toning class also really inspires me to try and be healthy in other aspects of my life. The classes are aimed at all abilities (shapes and sizes) which i find great (as i’m no skinny lizzie) and Paula makes sure that whatever exercise we are doing there is a level that everyone can do and benefit from. The times of the classes are also good as there are numerous classes and times to choose from so that even those with a busy lifestyle can still pick up a class.

Alison Brockbank

happy customer


I joined Paula’s Body Toning Class in 2008. I’d tried many different types of exercise classes over the years, but always lapsed after a couple of months. Paula keeps her classes varied & concentrates on different parts of your body each time you attend, making it interesting. For the past year I have been attending one of Paula’s Zumba classes. The combination of the 2 different types of exercise each week has made a difference to my energy levels, body shape & also how I feel about myself. Earlier this year I joined Paula’s boot camp and was extremely successful with weight and inch loss. Because of this I completed a 2nd one straight after. For a couple of pounds more than it was costing me for 2 classes I received expert diet advice together with 1:1 support from Paula whenever I needed it. I even texted her late one night for some advice and she was there for me immediately. As other people have mentioned Paula’s classes are fun, you fit in whatever your age, size & fitness level.

Rebecca Wilson

Zumba & Total Body

I’ve been attending Paula’s Zumba classes for 12 months & love them. I really needed to get fit & loose weight & they have been a perfect way to do that – and as an added bonus have a laugh and make new friends. Paula is really welcoming and friendly, you don’t have to be a wonderful dancer or have perfect coordination to do zumba, I have neither & it doesn’t matter, you can do Paula’s classes to your own level and if you go wrong or need to slow down it’s not a problem you just do it. What I especially like is that there is always a warm up and cool down so you do not end up with aches and pains, plus you build up to the speed slowly. I’m asthmatic and that is not a problem. I have felt my overall fitness improve drastically, recently year I climbed White Nancy in Bollington with the children I work with, we do it every year and this was the first year I wasn’t last up and didn’t need my inhaler – that was an amazing achievement, I have also found muscles I had forgotten I had.

Cath Palmer

22 August 2012

I have also done Paula’s Dance Fit Bootcamp and in six weeks lost 19 inches and 18 lbs, I dropped a full dress size on top and two on my bottom, to do this I went three times a week plus extra exercise, and a healthy eating plan but it was the best way I have ever found to loose weight. Paula was always available for help, support and advice. After the bootcamp I continued to go 3 times a week and even though I increased my eating I still lost weight and inches through just doing Zumba. I fully recommend Paula’s classes to anyone, no matter how many classes you attend each week you will enjoy them, feel the benefit and have fun and feel welcome.

Cath Palmer

Dance Fit Bootcamp

I have been attending Body Toning since March 09. Enough was enough I was not happy due to wanting to lose weight but was not sure what to do. A friend of mine told me about Paula and I decided to take the plunge. I was not happy and the only person who could change that was ME. I attend body toning to tone my entire body and I like the fact we use hand weights which burns more calories. I have seen a difference in my abs tightening up and more definition in my arms. In June 10 I decided I needed to improve my fitness level so I started Aerotone which is more cardiovascular so I was using more energy. I certainly have seen a difference doing a combination of classes. I feel and look better, have more confidence and even choose clothes that I would not have worn. I don’t weigh myself so I can’t tell you what my weight was and now is. All I can say is I have dropped two dress sizes. It is not easy and you have to work at it but you can achieve the body you like with a little hard work.


Body Toning and Aerotone Class