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If your goal is to improve your health, fitness mental and physical wellbeing here are 5 easy to implement tips.

1: Nutrition – go for 3 healthy meals, cut out all snacking and close your kitchen in the evening after your dinner. By cutting out snacking and stopping eating after your evening meal you will be cutting out calories without having to track, weigh or measure or give up any food groups.

2: Water – aim for 2 litres a day. Start your day with a glass of water and drink a large glass before each meal.

3: Increase your exercise and activity level – could you do a 15 minute daily home workout?  This will improve self-confidence, help you manage stress and feel a whole lot happier and more positive.

4: Journaling – take 5 minutes in the evening and first thing in the morning and journal. Download whatever is on your mind and write it all out. No one will see this only you and it helps clear your mind before bed and gives you clarity and focus in the morning.

5: Time Management. Your time is golden. Get clear with your goals, your aims, your to do list and go after it. Take little steps every day. Consistency = Results.

I hope these tips help.

As usual would love your thoughts. 😀

Have a good weekend.❤️

Paula xx