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December is a busy time of year. Stress levels increase, more social activities which normally involve eating and drinking 😀 and we can feel more tired than normal. Is this you? If it is I have put together some tips to help you focus.

 1. Fasting is a great tool to help reduce your calorie intake without even counting your calories, try to do 16 hours minimum, 22 hours maximum (if you can) with no food just LOADS of water or herbal teas. I normally fast 1 to 2 times a week and love it. I normally do 18 hours. I feel so much better for it. I normally start at 2 pm, miss my evening meal and eat again around 8 am but do what works for you.  

 2. Eat something small and protein rich before heading out drinking.

 3. Drink LOTS of water – 2 litres a day is a great aim.

 4. Dark chocolate is a great alternative and lower in sugar than milk chocolate…higher the cocoa percentage the better. 

 5. Get out and be active every day, ie home workouts, walks, just do SOMETHING. If you are a silver member there are lots of workouts for you to do in my VIP online group. 😀

 As usual would love your thoughts. 😀

Have a good weekend.❤️

Paula xx