About Paula Thompson

I’m a Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach, specialising in exercise, nutritional advice, health and wellness and weight loss. I teach Dance Fitness, Total Body Workout, Body Conditioning, BLT (Bums, Legs & Tums), Body Blitz, HIIT, Pilates, Fitness Pilates, Seated Fitness, Mums and Tots Fitness Pilates & Buggy Beat.


Body Blitz v Bums, Legs & Tums online recorded
Tuesday 7.00 pm - 7.45 pm
Pilates Over 50’s
Thursday 10.25 am - 11.10 am
Pilates Intervals online
Monday 8.30 am - 9.15 am
HIIT online
Friday 9.00 am - 9.30 am
Total Body Workout online recorded
Tuesday online recorded 8.30 am - 9.15 am
Over 50’s Keep Fit
Thursday, Torkington Centre, Hazel Grove 9.30 am - 10.15 am
Pilates/Fitness Pilates
Wednesday, Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis Club 6.30 PM - 7.15 pm
Dance Fitness with Paula
Monday, Torkington Centre, Hazel Grove 6:00 pm - 6.45 pm