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Hi all, hope you are all fit and well and getting back into your routines after Xmas? As usual at this time of year the news, TV programmes, radio etc are all about DIETS, GETTING FIT ETC and the other morning the news was about the rise in Type 2 Diabetes as it hits 4 million in the UK. There has been a rise of 65% in people diagnosed in the last decade LARGELY due to obesity. I find this very scary and at KSFL we are providing our clients with the latest information regarding SUGAR. Why it is our enemy and not fat and how sugar in hidden foods and foods you would think don’t contain sugar is leading to weight gain and our addiction to it. At KSFL we have some amazing stories from clients who have Type 2 Diabetes and their amazing achievements whilst on KSFL including a client of mine Paula Lamb. You will find more information below.

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